25 Ways You Know You’re from the South Shore

2017-08-14T20:04:23+00:00May 27th, 2016|

PHOTOGRAPH BY TOAN TRINH We asked and you told us: You know you’re from the South Shore if… 1. Your first stop in the morning isn’t at Dunkin’ but Marylou’s. 2. You know “Scicoh” isn’t a lunatic but an abbreviation for Scituate Cohasset. 3. You’ve visited Steve Carell’s general store. 4. You’ve spotted Chris Cooper [...]

Plymouth’s Waterfront Bar & Grill aims for ‘fresh, fun, and affordable’

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IN THE KITCHEN The Waterfront Bar & Grill opened in June 2010, and general manager John Masotta Jr. has been at the helm since day one. In fact, he’s been on board even longer than that — he was toiling behind the scenes before the Plymouth restaurant even opened. “We did a complete renovation here,” [...]

Wicked Local: Plymouth – Waterfront Bar & Grill: Restaurant renovation rakes in rave reviews

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Some decisions hinge on a simple thing - like a commute. Mike Cardelle was considering the ride back and forth to Boston when he found himself imagining renovations to the former Crow's Nest restaurant on Water Street. Spectacular water views upstairs, and plenty of space for dining inside or on the upstairs deck. By [...]